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The Port Reading First Aid Squad was founded in September of 1970. For almost 50 years, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical treatment and transportation to the residents and visitors in Woodbridge Township and the neighboring communities.   


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THANK YOU!!! Your generous contributions helped us achieve our 2018 fund drive goal!!! We have upped our goals for 2019. Check out our 


  • 2019 Fund Drive Fund Drive is under way. If you have not yet donated, please do so today. There is a PayPal link on this page for your convenience. 
  • July 3rd is the Township Independence Day Fireworks at Alvin P. Williams Park 

In order to provide exceptional service to our local community, especially the residents of Port Reading, we are currently and actively seeking  experienced Emergency Medical Technicians for employment. 


Summer is Here

  •Simple steps can save lives and parents and kids should follow these additional simple safety steps: 

Designate a Water Watcher: Watch children every time they are in or around water – supervision is one of the most important things you can do to keep children safe. Designate a Water Watcher – this is an adult whose only job is to watch children when they’re in the pool. It’s important that they’re not distracted by texting or phone calls. 

Teach Kids to Swim: While supervision is critical, it’s also important for children to learn how to swim. Kids who can’t swim face a much higher risk of drowning, so sign your children up for swimming lessons. Your local YMCA or parks and rec department are great places to go for information on swimming lessons – many even offer them for free or at a reduced cost. 

Learn CPR: While you’re children are learning how to swim, it’s important for you to learn CPR. In the case of an emergency, bystander CPR can often make a real difference while you’re waiting for emergency first responders to arrive at the scene.  

Check Drain Covers: Finally, regardless of whether you’re swimming in your home pool or visiting a public pool, be sure that the drain covers are not lose or broken. Drains should be what we call “VGB compliant,” which means they meet safety standards. If you own a pool and you’re not sure if your covers are safe, a pool technician can let you know.   

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Port Reading First Aid Squad

916 West Ave Port Reading, New Jersey

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